Revamp Your Closet With This Spring/Summer 2019 Checklist

Getting your wardrobe Spring/ Summer ready has never been this easy. It's not mandatory to get rid of everything in your closet to start fresh; revamping your look is all about adding a few essential pieces. So, which 2019 trends should you hone in on? 

Here I break down the ultimate Spring/Summer 2019 cheat sheet with everything you need to start the season off in style and with a standing ovation every time.

1. Neon

Yes, fluorescent colors are all the new rage! Neon statement pieces and accessories will add an instant POP to your wardrobe.

2. Utility Jumpsuit

The ultimate all-in-one outfit for pretty much any occasion. Dress it down with some sneakers or vamp things up with a sexy heel, depending on how you style it.

Trending Utility Jumpsuit

3. Animal Print

At this point, animal print is considered the new "neutral", pairing it with almost anything. Whether it's snake skin, leopard print,  tiger print or the like, it's become a cherished trend that seems to be here to stay.

4. Detailed Fringe

A fun and subtle trend that's seen on blouses, jewelry, purses, shoes and everything in between. Let it spice up you wardrobe this season!

Fringe Fashion Trends 2019

5. Floral Print

Floral fashion has been around for a while and doesn't appear to be going anywhere any time soon. They mix well with solids or can be fun on their own.

Floral print women's fashion trends

6. Belt Bags / Fanny Packs

Look Ma, no hands! TBH, when the whole fanny-pack trend started popping up a few seasons ago, I was on the fence. If you're super practical like me but still want to remain fashionable, this trend is for you. It's the perfect accessory if your always on the go.

Fanny Pack Bags, fashion trends and bags

7. A Retro Pair of Shades

This year's sunglasses trend seem to favor the '90s inspired geometric frames and vibrant colors. The slim and tiny frames that are too small for any real UV protection are coming back with a vengeance this year.

Retro Sunglasses and Shades

8. Add Vintage 

The vintage fashion is officially at its high peak. If you're new to vintage, start small with a eye-catchy retro accessories, jewelry, or a statement piece that you can pair with contemporary. 

Vintage 2 piece trending fashion

9. Pistachio Green

Call it sage green, mint, or pistachio, this verdant hue has been seen all over the runways, in fashion magazines and on the biggest names in Hollywood.

Mint Green Utility Jumpsuit



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