While it’s been a quiet year for the fashion world, this quarantine season has unveiled seriously bold & stylish designs that will be popping all Spring & Summer '21, no doubt. Large & in charge blazers, bold yellow bags, and sleek face masks will be dominating the landscape to come.

This year some of the most influential decades in fashion will have played a huge role in NEXT season’s favorite looks. I'm loving every single one of them, and you’ll see why in just a moment….

From Paris to Milan, find serious style inspiration with the top fashion trends spotted at SS21 Fashion Weeks. Scroll to find out the upcoming Spring | Summer 2021 trends to know, follow and buy!!

1. Oversized Shoulder-pad Boyfriend Jackets

This season blazers take the lead in fashion trends by helping you create an elongated silhouette & play with these 80’s should-pad inspired look.

2. Sorbet Pastel Tones

In a season like no other, when runways were live-streamed without audiences or else not staged at all, there was a tangible sense of reaffirming the joy of fashion - celebrating the art of dressing up!

The gravity of color in fashion during these strenuous times might play a part in our overall mood.  A natural mood enhancer and soother, color has always played a part in a designer’s storytelling arsenal!

3. Head Scarfs

Name a more versatile accessory that has been around since ancient times?

...I'll wait!

No seriously though, the scarf's styling possibilities are endless – it can be worn as a chic necktie one day and tied up into a bohemian headband the next.

4. Streamlined Neutrals - Camel / Olive / Wine Color Palette

I found this graphic below of upcoming African fashion trends for the S/S '21 year. Love! I just HAD to share a glimpse!



Amazing and inspiring trends that will be emerging in the months to come. Mixing & matching neutral shades adds dimension and depth to any ensemble.

A neutral color palette allows for more creativity with shapes, textures and overall aesthetics. These subtle yet flattering combinations leave you inspired for months to come.

 5. The Fantasy Florals

After seeing the floral looks presented on the runways for S/S'21's upcoming trends, I was ready to find the nearest field to frolic in with my new floral pieces.

Flowers, which signify new beginnings, peppered the runways at the Rodarte Spring 2021 Collection..... ( think fanciful silk floral-printed pajamas and sweatshirts with lace and ruffle details ).

How does your garden grow? The bolder, brighter, & more impactful seems to be the way forward this Spring/Summer. I'm sold!

6. Button-Down, XXL

The boyfriend shirt is one of the most classic pieces in any wardrobe, but for S/S '21 the mannish button-up gets a feminine spin. This billowing silhouette gets it's inspo from the standard poplins reimagined as dresses (i'd like to think). 

7. Cinch It - Shape Shifting Fits

Although belts are hardly anything new, this fresh new integration is never low slung. Instead, it's all about creating shape on the body.  

8. Graphic Tees 

Graphic Tee Trens S/S '21

Graphic tees have been a cornerstone of streetwear clothing for eons, and now everyone is catching on to the trend! 

Popular luxury labels dug into the archives to update classic logo tees with a modern streetwear feel to them. Catch the trend and ride the fashion wave with this fun one. There are so many different graphic tees & band tees to choose from, the options are literally ENDLESS!


 I hope you enjoyed my top 8 fashion trends to look out for this S/S '21 season. There are lots of other emerging trends that are JUST hitting the digital runways worldwide. 


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